About Me

Vegan recipes, zero waste tips & eco-conscious living

I’m, Elsa, a PhD student from the UK who loves to create tasty vegan recipes that are good for you, your wallet and the planet.

Why Vegan?

I began my vegan journey in 2015, when I was an undergraduate student at university studying Biology. I already ate a pescatarian diet, but I became increasingly aware of the environmental footprint of all animal products, as well as the animal welfare implications. Overnight, I eliminated animal products from my diet. Since then, I have not stopped cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I previously wrote for Vegan Life magazine, where I created a column, “The Vegan Student”, devoted to providing tips and tricks for living a healthy, thrifty vegan lifestyle. You’ll find many similar recipes to those in the column on this website, as well as many other seasonal, tasty recipes and vegan lifestyle tips.

I think vegan food is the tastiest cuisine out there. The aim of this blog is to show that veganism can be for everyone, no matter what budget you have.

Find more information on vegan health and nutrition on my resources page.

My Zero Waste Journey

Recently, I have decided to try and reduce the amount of plastic waste I produce, with the ultimate aim to live as zero-waste as possible. I try and live by the 5Rs of the Zero Waste movement:

  1. Refuse what you do not need
  2. Reduce what you have
  3. Reuse what you can
  4. Recycle (if you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse it!)
  5. Rot (everything else!).

On my resources page, you’ll find some helpful links I’ve put together with more information on the zero waste lifestyle. I’ll be sharing the progress of my own zero waste journey on this blog.