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Easy Zero Waste Swaps 3: Zero Waste At Work

Starting off Zero Waste is so exciting and so rewarding. There are so many simple swaps you can make that will drastically cut down the amount of waste you produce. But, unfortunately, there are areas of life that require a bit more thought - I find the workplace is one of the key ones! There… Continue reading Easy Zero Waste Swaps 3: Zero Waste At Work

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Chocolate Chip & Olive Oil Cookies

These cookies are super fudgey, chocolatey and make a perfect snack. I've been experimenting with using more locally sourced alternatives to coconut oil wherever I can in baking and cooking, and olive oil is the best! It isn't at all nutty, unlike rapeseed oil, and has a really subtle flavour that works perfectly in cakes… Continue reading Chocolate Chip & Olive Oil Cookies