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Going Zero Waste

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Which types of plastic packaging are recyclable (UK)

The Lifespan of Trash: Guide to the Biodegradability of different materials

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Journey to Zero Waste UK

Your first stop for starting to go zero waste should be your own home! Zero waste living is all about using what we already have, rather than buying a load of new stuff. Shopping second hand wherever possible is also good, try looking for what you need in charity/thrift shops, or on freegle, gumtree or eBay.
If, however, you are looking to replace items that have reached the end of their useful lifespan, here are some websites stocking more sustainable alternatives:

Find zero waste shops near you (UK):

View the UK zero waste shopping map

Online stockists of zero / low waste products: Zero waste friendly products (UK based)

& Eco-friendly and zero waste products built to last (UK based) A huge choice of reusable alternatives to disposables (UK based)

Life Without Plastic: plastic free items for everyday living (US based) zero waste product recommendations

Luxury Moon / EarthWiseGirls : reusable sanitary products for women (And check out my guide to Zero Waste periods here)

Ethical Superstore – for bulk buying recycled toilet roll and other eco products

All Natural Soap Co – all natural, palm oil free, vegan soap, packaged in plastic free, compostable / recyclable packaging


Thinking of buying new clothes? Eco-conscious clothing brands for practical people:

Patagonia : Outdoor clothing with a lifetime guarantee, produced in a socially & environmentally responsible way

Thought : Previously Braintree Clothing – beautiful organic cotton clothing!

Teeki : Amazing yoga, gym and dance wear, made from recycled plastic bottles (UK stockists)